An-Nusrah provides help to Muslims under the following heading:



This is a situation whereby Money is given to the needy without them having to pay back. This is usually done in cases where the individual has serious life threatening health challenge. Grants may also be given in cases of extreme poverty especially if there is also an health issue that such families have to contend with or in cases of widows.



This is given mostly to help needy Muslims start-up or boast small businesses. The money is usually paid back not later than 10 months from reception. On rare occasions this can also be provided for schools fees.




An-Nusrah Foundation is building a viable business for the foundation aimed at creating a source of income apart from appeal. These income will solely be used for loans and grants to needy Muslims.


You may contribute to this by calling the BOT Chairman or BOT Secretary on 08052615308 or 07017819909, respectively.




All donations are to be made to the official An-Nusrah Account, calls are only placed to the Chairman and Secretary BOT when you intend to specify the purpose you intend your donation be used for. But whenever you make general donation, the donation goes to the present case at hand.


The Official account is as follows:

An-Nusra Foundation


Bank: First Bank

(in case of ATM/Internet transfer, the account is a current account)