This is how they raise money and yet they have no share of the hereafter and they know it:

“We need N1 billion from ten people. If you are one of them, please see my personal Secretary after we finish today,” – Pastor Adeboye

This is how we raise money even when we have a share in the hereafter and we know it;

“Please for Allah’s sake help this our sick sister. Please if it is only 1k you can contribute let us help save her life (quotes like 5 verses from the Qur’an and 6 beautiful hadith promising reward), please don’t procrastinate. Here is the account number, here are 8 people you know who can confirm it, here is the BOT members in case you still doubt, please for Allah’s sake, help us help this sister (makes like 6 dua to help the situation)”

In the end those who have no religion and simply order their followers to contribute to evil gets 10 billion and we the Muslims who are promised paradise and we have more encouragement to donate and we were begged and begged will have about 100k to show with many “Allahu Akbar”.

So far we have been able to raise about 900k for our sister who needs about 3 million for her kidney operation. An-Nusrah Foundation have added more money to make it 1.5 million. If this is handed to her husband it won’t be enough for her treatment and if she can’t be treated 45k will be spent on dialysis every three days so that in about 3 months this money will be finished and she will not only still need 3 million for her treatment but will need 45k every 3 days. From who? Subhanallah.

This is why the Foundation concentrated on raising the treatment money from her but as we thank the beautiful people who contributed we also still have to beg those who can to help. This is our sister. Don’t forget Allah will not reduce your wealth when you give charity as the Prophet already said.

The account number is:

Name: An-Nusra Foundation
Account Number: 2024486563.
Bank: Firstbank

See a mountain of evidences for this case on our website, including documents and people you can call to confirm, in case you have a single doubt: HALIMA MISBAUDEEN APPEAL

May Allah give us more persons who will contribute and even the person who will choose to clear the bill. Thanks again to those who have contributed, Allah is never unaware of what we do.