SIMPLE AND SHORT: How to Send Donation without ATM Machine, Bank, or Mobile App.

Many people with good intention to help have complained about distance to First Bank or ATM, and they have asked us to provide the foundation’s account with specific banks. With the information we are about to provide, you can sit at home or in the office and send donations provided you have two things; internet service and an ATM card.

We want to teach you how to use the website to send in donations, but before that please know certain things about quickteller:

  1. They can be trusted as it is owned by Interswitch which is the number one online security provider in Nigeria. Even Banks use it.
  2. Even if you were to go to an ATM to make transfer, it is still Quickteller you will use if you remember. Doing it online is even better because you are provided with a document for every transaction, unlike ATM where the printer may be faulty or you may even lost the print out. In this case you can print out as much as you want because you have the soft copy as evidence.
  3. Another advantage of using quickteller is that no cashier will temper with your money because they see it is an appeal. you will send it directly and you can simply confirm from the Foundation’s account officer, Lanre Abu Labeebah Lukman to be double sure, that is if he has not even posted it yet on The Muslim Platform for over 20,000 members to witness. The transparency is amazing!



1. Go to and click on “Register”.



2. Fill your details and click on “Signup”



3. You will see this window below and receive a text on your phone with your activation code, put the activation code in and click “Activate”



4. At this point your account is ready. Any other time you want to send money you won’t need step 1 to 3. You will see this at this point:



Then you can log in with your e-mail or phone number and password by clicking on the login button.


5. Simply click on “Fund Transfer”after which you click “Transfer To Account”. Note that you will easily know what to do, we are only trying to help those who may not be too used to the internet.




6. The form will open for you to fill the details of your transfer. Fill and click on “Continue”


Click “Transfer”



7. Select Mastercard or whatever card your ATM is, fill in your ATM details and click on “Pay”



8. For the security of your account, Quickteller will end you a code immediately. Put this code in the space provided and click on “Continue”, you are done!



EDITOR’S NOTE:These steps are not many at all. We only break them down so that even someone using the internet for the first time can donate. Note that once you created your account its 4 steps or less not 8 subsequently.


May Allah reward you as you donate. Please read more on on going appeal here: ON GOING APPEAL